About Quitsnap

Who are we?

We used to be an Exit intent popup system, but we evolved into so much more! Now we offer You an affordable service and consulting along with a feature-rich in-house built app for boosting Your conversion or gathering feedback. We do that by tracking user path and targeting particular segments of Your visitors with customised creatives (popups, widgets, top/bottom bars).

How we work?

We created an efficient way of delivering our services at competitive rates.

We audit, analyse, propose, monitor and improve based on in-house A/B testing.

This is what makes us different.

We value Your time. Instead of delivering a DIY tool, we provide a service, so You don't have to. And our rates are very competitive.

Our software

Our app is prepared to be scalable and easy to integrate with ANY external app or API:

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Recommender engines
  • Mailing systems

So if You have an own e-commerce platform - that is no problem for us. Our SAAS is prepared to customise and connect with Your business.

Questions? Contact us!

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