User path tracking - targeting

Know the actions of Your website visitors. Easily detect exit intent, idling, browsing time, scrolling status, the page they’re on and browsing history. Both on mobile and desktop.

Detect and target by browser language, traffic source, new or recurring status, the device (desktop or mobile), logged in or not, and many much more...

Advanced Survey

One of the specific uses of our tool is an Advanced Survey. A feature used to gather feedback and target particular answers.

Boost the conversion rate based on the answer type:

  • Price concern? Offer discount
  • Product question? Display contact form
  • Checkout concern? Redirect to FAQ / Help section.

Other features:

  • randomise the order of answers
  • multiple answer types
  • survey after survey
  • Four types of reactions to answer (next popup, redirect, close, second survey)

NPS Survey

An extension to Advanced Survey allowing You to monitor and collect the Net Promoter Score of Your visitors.

Monitor 3 groups of Your clients:

  • Detractors (0-6) they are believed to be less likely to exhibit the value-creating actions
  • Passives (7-8) their behaviour falls between Promoters and Detractors.
  • Promoters (9-10) are considered likely to exhibit value-creating behaviours, such as buying more, remaining customers for longer, and making positive referrals to other customers

Make use of each of the segment in a different way.

Data collected allows You to set up an indicator to track and monitor Your NPS.

Here and Now

“Here and now” is a feature-rich popup alternative. Snap type mainly designed to upsell on the last step of checkout (right before payment or even on summary step).

The main feature is: 2 purposes in 1 tool

  • The upper part is designed as a CTA
  • The lower part is designed to propose product lists (bundles, recommenders, last viewed, upsell*)

*listing these products may require custom integration

Simple Popups and widgets

Live Demo

Typical Exit intent popup with Discount.

Might be targeted only to logged in users, coming from particular Social Media Ads Campaign etc.

Live Demo

Concept similar to the previous version, but this time it requires user action (pressing the button)

Live Demo

A popup allowing the user to sign in to a newsletter

Live Demo

A top bar with CTA button, allowing for example to redirect returning user to New arrivals in store.

Live Demo

Popup designed for sharing the content through social networks (Facebook, Google +,...

Popups and widgets features


Decide when to show the popup.

  • On Exit Intent
  • Time after entering the domain
  • Time after entering the URL
  • Time Idling (Not moving the mouse)
  • Scroll % value
  • Selected URL only


Target who to show the creative
Based on:

  • browser language
  • mobile / desktop
  • source of traffic
  • logged in/not logged in
  • returning or new


Super easy and fast implementation using only one short Javascript code to be embedded in the section of the page


Offer Your users unique RWD experience. With custom layouts and designs for mobile/desktop. Also, the triggers are adjusted depending on the device type (ex. exit intent on mobile)


We can easily integrate with any custom API or service

Whether it's an e-commerce platform (popular engine or custom made) or o blog, a unique product recommended on and listing system - we can do it.


Choose from on out of the box set of templates, positions and popup/widget types. Customise the features to Your choosing with our scalable and agile infrastructure.

Built in Snap A/ B testing

  • Monitor and compare creatives to find out which one works best.
  • Adjust based on built in analytics results.
  • Continue improving the performance and conversion results.

Questions? Contact us!