Check your position

SEO is the process that leads to the high position of a website when results are displayed in search engines such as Google, the most popular tool in the world. Websites are positioned based on specific key phrases that potential customers type to find certain information. In previous articles we’ve shown you methods of achieving this, now let’s see if they really work. 

If you take care of the positioning of the page yourself, the first thing to do is set a starting line. This will enable you to compare your results after a few months. Remember to check regularly to see if your SEO activities are delivering the results. A starting line includes all the important data that you can obtain from Google Analytics. You can make an Excel or Google sheet and write all the data with exact dates and numbers next to each concept.

 The most important issues are: 

  • Unique users (UU) 
  • New users 
  • New vs returning (find this in “behaviour”) 
  • Sessions 
  • Bounce rate 
  • Session duration 
  • Conversion rate 
  • Organic search (“All traffic” Acquisition) 

Try to compare results on a month-to-month basis and verify if something is performing better or worse, then adjust it if necessary. Google Analytics panel provides many comparative and reporting tools You can utilize. Over time you will build up a useful timeline of change and this will indicate how the starting line has been modified. 

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