Grab their attention with your words!

5 tips to get even more clicks. We believe that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the main ways to gain more conversions. Let’s break it down simply for you - SEO is a process that aims to increase the position of a website in organic search results and SERP stands for. Search Engine Result Page. When searching, the first results that appear help to increase the number of visits to the site and to increase the number of inputs popularity of the brand or the conversion that can be count as an income from the sale of services or products. SEO optimizes a website for search engines.

1. Choose the right words and key phrases

This is something that you should try to do as often as possible on your page. Not only in the description, but also in blogs, articles or new event announcements. Remember that very general words such as “pram” or “stroller” will be useless if you are involved in products dedicated to small children. It is better to use the specific phrase “baby stroller”. You will surely be competing when it comes to the use of general words and it is difficult to gain a high position while building up your own group of clients.

2. Use locations in keywords

But keep in mind that we do not recommend choosing key phrases too tightly, this can reduce the number of visits to the site. It is helpful to include the name of the city or town where you are located in the phrase, for example “buggies in London”. This is important because users usually search for services locally.

3. Do not use keywords that do not relate to your site

People use a variety of hashtags on Instagram to attract other users who share similar interests but you may sometimes find words that are totally unrelated. If you are writing text for a website that offers prams for children, use keywords related to them. Don’t try writing: “best food for children” or “fashion for young”, because if someone is attracted to that phrase but then doesn’t find anything related, you will have a very bad Bounce Rate on your website.

4. Check Google Analytics

Be sure that the key words that you want to use are suitable for your product. Google AdWords can definitely help you out with that. All you have to do is write a couple of words to describe your product (prams children), add your webpage address and you are done. When you click OK - AdWords wills display a list but don’t get excited and use all of them, carefully select the best and sprinkle them around in articles.

5. Take care of your webpage

Keep your webpage clean and tidy, your customers will appreciate it. Keep in mind that when writing high quality text, make sure that the technical side is also taken care of. Bullet points are:

  • Give a title to your article
  • make headings
  • write a short introduction to the article (like we did - check it out)
  • prepare a description - it will be displayed in the search results (under the link to your page).
  • remember to add pictures – this will compliment the text you use.
  • divide the text neatly into paragraphs- add pop-ups that will encourage the user to stay on your page (QuitSnap will certainly help you)

That’s it, you are now ready to write some amazing SEO texts! If you have any questions about anything at all - let us know. We will be happy to help you :)