Let's talk about colours

Good morning, do you have time to talk about colours?

Today’s topic is focused on people’s behaviour. We will present you with some possibilities that follow a few key rules about the usage of colours.

Let’s start at the beginning

Colours in “the colour spectrum” are associated with two types of emotions: warm and active - red, orange and yellow are on one side of the circle. The colours on the other side have passive features of blue, violet and green.

This is based on a colour wheel, which is the primary tool for matching colours. The wheel is constructed so that the combination of colours, theoretically always leaves a positive effect.

There are plenty of advertising books featuring many combinations of colours that are considered to be particularly successful. These colours are harmonious and consist of two or more possibilities with a constant relationship in the colour wheel.

1. Red

Red is a very emotional colour. It is ideally suited for highlighting terms such as CHANCE, PROMOTION, SPECIAL OFFER, ONLY TODAY, as your vision is directly drawn to this colour. Remember this while preparing your QuitSnap pop-up with this type of CTA. Short terms, special occasions - this is the colour to use. It will stimulate and motivate customers to take swift action. Red is often associated with danger, adrenalin, love, strength or energy.adrenalin, love, strength or energy.

2. Yellow

This lovely colour is associated with the sun, warmth, radiance, joy and happiness. In the marketing world, this colour is regularly used to promote products designed for children and young people. It also features heavily in various types of tourist services, such as tours, vacations, etc. This is the colour to use if you’ve got a business connected with such areas.

3. Black

The colour of all things dark, death related and evil is one side of a black coin. You can also think about elegance, leadership, or perhaps something mysterious. It has an advantage in that it fits practically any type of business, it sits alongside other colours very well, without causing someone to lose trust in the brand. Use it if you’ve got an exclusive product or offer! For example -10% if the user leaves a lead in newsletter registration.

4. Green

Green is identified with everything calm and natural. It is closely related to safety – the colours of traffic lights are not a coincidence. It also has connections to subjects such as fertility or harmony. In advertising, green is often used by companies in the medical, food and security fields. It’s good to use it if you want to underline that you’re an eco-friendly, positive or reliable company.

5. Blue

Think about the colour blue, what do you see? The ocean, or water in general right? Stability, wisdom and truth are the main elements identified with this colour. Blue is used by marketers to promote all kinds of cleanliness or anything connected with water. However it should NOT be used to promote food, as no food is originally blue.

So that’s the rainbow world of colours and how they can work for us!

Put them to work for you using Quitsnap.