The best CTA and why do they work?

We’ve already shown you how to write effective Call-To-Action messages. Now let’s take a look at the best CTA from a variety of different markets.


Less Accounting


Let’s Do It!

Imagine that you’re searching for an accounting team for your company. Nothing is more exciting than the world of finance, right?

Accounting is not a subject that stimulates a lot of excitement in users, it is a lengthy task for most of us. How can we send a message to users that it can be both easy and quick? Here, the company’s name simply says it all: Less Accounting.

Let’s see what happens next.

Take a look at the landing page. It makes use of a muted color palette to evoke calming emotions, it is also the CTA that sets this example apart from others. What is more, their webpage claim states Small business accounting software from Less to Everything, because your job title isn’t ‘accountant’!

“Let’s do it!” is definitely more exciting than a basic “Sign in” – no doubt about it and this CTA demonstrates a partnership.




Let’s go

Imagine a website featuring a flying astronaut alongside a button. A button that says: LET’S GO.

They constructed it perfectly, by adding a “Launch” CTA accompanied by a copy that makes you feel like a part of NASA. The temptation to click it is pretty irresistable. The use of reverse psychology here is certainly playful, this is all very much in keeping with Huemor’s brand voice.

A previous edition was (in our opinion) even better than this! Check out the button, you know you want to push it!




(Selling the trial) -> Try for free

If something is free or you can try it without risk, you think “hey, why not?” Similarly, the phrase “Try it for free” creates an impulse that is difficult to resist, because it’s a combo of 2 very strong “vocatives”.

A user does not feel that they have to buy something, it’s very nicely tucked away in the message, but it does remain in the user’s mind, how enchanting.

It sounds less obligatory and therefore buyers offer less resistance. Take a look at the one below and how effective they are.




Give Basecamp a try

OK, last but not least - Basecamp. Have you ever heard someone say „please, give me just one chance, try me out, I promise it’s going to work?” Basecamp gives us such a feeling. If it doesn’t work - no problem, you can break up. Easy as it is. People don’t want to feel overwhelmed with the necessity of having to buy something or make a long-term agreement. It is a free and easy option.

So, are you ready to prepare your very own and highly effective CTA? Use QuitSnap and become a master of the digital world! (Oh, and you can try us for free, just saying).