Displate - A success story

Who and what is Displate? 

Displate is both a manufacturer specializing in creating exceptional, unique metal posters and also a platform that brings together talented artists from all over the world. Displate currently has more than 3000 artists from every walk of life. It is the perfect platform to promote such talented people and to show off their original and outstanding work. Displate is both a pioneer and the leader when it comes to producing and selling artwork printed on metal. The core distribution channel is e-commerce.


The creators of displate.com had issues with low sales and also with users browsing their site but leaving before purchasing. As a result, they began searching for a way to make indicators higher and catch these users before they exited the site. They were then inspired to display messages to users, who wanted to leave their page before a purchase had been successfully completed. They came up with a tool that helps to solve such problems and then implemented it on their webpage.They called it QuitSnap. It offers a fantastic, yet easy to use solution to the frustrating issue of those who browse, but don’t then buy. The ability to display a variety of messages that cause the user to think twice before they exit without purchasing, is a great way to maximize sales. They began with a basic questionnaire and later, progressed to offering discounts to users (which they continue to do). To their delight, they saw that it works and wanted to share this information with the e-commerce world.


Increase sales

Gather feedback from users, learn more about their expectations 

Feedback gathered: users were not aware that displate.com was actually an online store and that they were able to buy artwork; navigation was unclear and pricing policy unsatisfactory 


Brief survey regarding what users do and don’t like about the Displate website (Feedback Snaps) 

Website update, adjusted according to user feedback: o Pricing policy change o New delivery options o Add payment with card option o Change website navigation (e.g. adding “Popular” and “New” sections; changing the view when logged in)

Snaps implementation - users attempting to leave displate.com are then offered a discount 

Results: 30% sales increase

Further solutions: A/B testing, which continues to show 30% increase of sales while using QuitSnap.

“When we decided to use QuitSnap, our main goal was to increase sales, but getting customers feedback was vital as well. We reached both targets using that one, brilliant tool and the results were incredible! I highly recommend QuitSnap for every website owner.” says Edward Ruszczyc, Founder of Displate.com