Why people love coupons?

“In life, people prioritize and will spend more for certain things. If folks aren’t brand loyal, but deal-loyal when it comes to groceries and household items, coupons are a way for them to spend less on that category - which is perfect because if it’s not a priority to them, they’d rather trade the time in clipping coupons for the money they save. They don’t care what brand some things are, they just want the best deal.” Says Susan Wenograd, Coupon/Household Finance Nerd.

Regarding online shops, there are some differences but essentially the mechanism is the same. When people see a juicy discount or a chance to save a few pennies, there is a high probability that they will take advantage of it. If you have any remaining doubts, let’s take a look at some statistics:

More than 90% of consumers use coupons.

Surprising, huh?- 9 out of 10 customers have used them at least once. When we dig a little deeper, we find even more stats to back this up!

81% of consumers use coupons regularly (NCH) 

81% of consumers search for dining deals on a regular basis (RetailMeNot) Over half of consumers use a coupon in at least one of every four purchases (RetailMeNot) 

92% of consumers used a coupon for a purchase in 2016, compared to 93% the previous year (PRRI) 

87% of Millennials, 91% of Generation Xers and 96% of Baby Boomers used coupons in 2016 (PRRI) 

82% of consumers say digital coupons are a convenient option compared to traditional printed coupons (Vibes) 

51% of shoppers said they wished all coupons were digital (Inmar) 

44% of consumers prefer to receive their coupons through the mail (Valassis) 

94% of Millennials use coupons in 2017 – up from 88% in 2016 (Valassis) 

61% of Millennials spend over two hours each week searching for coupons and deals (Valassis) 

73% of consumers rely on coupons more than they did three years ago (Precima) 

85% of Millennials use coupons delivered in the mail (Valassis) 

58% of consumers prefer to receive discounts, promotions, and coupons via email, 20% via print sources, and 10% via text message (PWC) 

57 % of Americans want to hear from retailers when there is a sale or promotion (emarsys) 

12% of online shoppers choose their favorite retailer because of personalized offers/marketing (PWC) 

44% of shoppers want brands to personalize coupons based on location. (Episerver) 

71% of consumers are predominantly interested in offers received through the mail (Vantiv) (source: accessdevelopment.com) 

Can you feel the power of the coupon?

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