We have already shown you what not to do with your pop ups, let’s take a look at the things you should do. We will be your guide as we enter the world of Internet sales.

Rule 1: A copy as hot as a chilli pepper

Whether you have a full screen pop up or simply a small pop up, it doesn’t matter. The main point is to create the best copy ever. Your CTA (call-to-action) is your power. It has to be concise, straightforward and to highlight maximum value in the least number of words. Be clear and convincing with your message. An effective copy for your pop up turns a potential annoyance into something useful.

Rule 2: Can I have a lead? 

Using emotion in your copy can be very effective. Really think about who might be interested in your product. If it’s a mother, your copy should touch upon love, babies and other warm aspects. If it’s a guy then maybe something aimed at bearded lumberjacks would work better. Keep it both emotional and touching, this is the key to success.

Rule 3: Focus on your target

A pop up needs to be connected to the browsing and purchase intent. A special offer or other sales tools can be employed while users are still shopping or perhaps after adding something to the basket. It can even be displayed when the user attempts to move to another page or leave completely. In such a case it helps to make the offer even more tempting than the previous one.A 10% discount gives customers the feeling that they are really saving money. If you have a blog or online newsletter, you should prepare something unique for your target audience that keeps them up to date with the latest product news and developments.

Rule 4: Don’t repeat yourself 

Have your customers already seen your pop up? If so, then that’s great. Don’t repeatedly push pop ups into your customer’s face, you could annoy potential returning customers. Pop ups are an additional feature of your webpage, but certainly not the most important element. All of these components should work together in harmony to attract customers.

Rule 5: Follow the lead(er)

It’s not only the name of a KoЯn album, it’s also a great mantra! A dedicated CRM or other types of software will help you establish contact with customers through leads. Do not forget to do this – no one wants to wait for a message! 

Are you ready to check it out for yourself? Go to and begin your own pop up mission.