Chasing customers – How to avoid making typical mistakes.

Online advertising comes in many forms and without doubt the most hated of them all are the pop ups and full-screen banners. These adverts are particularly annoying because they often appear in many unexplained circumstances. However, there is a way to use them strategically without bothering your customers. Let’s take you through the process.

Rule 1: Use them wisely

If you want potential customers to remain on your site (and perhaps revisit) then pick an optimum point and use it to implement your popup. Don’t activate it at each step and every single time someone visits your WWW. Multiple popups can increase the number of purchases or sign ups for newsletters, but it can also cause users to leave the site with a sense of dissatisfaction. If used badly these popups can result in poor user experience, a loss of loyalty and a loss of potential revenue from both new and returning customers.

Rule 2: Save the content

When a customer has added items to their basket and then tries to leave the page, the popup should display an appropriate message, such as a discount.

We don’t recommend that you use this opportunity to ask the user to sign up for your newsletter. Presenting the consumer with irrelevant content will only increase user dissatisfaction. You can be sure that most people will not return to your page. The attention of your customer has already been shifted away from the page. Remember that a popup which is not relevant to the user’s interest has a very small chance of achieving conversion.

Rule 3: Do you really need all this information?

No matter which conversion is important to you, whether it be purchases, leads, or others, try to keep things as simple as possible. Do not ask your customer to present all their personal data, especially if they are not buying a house. If they received the popup with the newsletter, request only their e-mail address and if necessary, other key data. Keep the number of fields that the user is requested to fill out to a minimum, the chances of the popup then converting are higher. 

Easy, isn’t it?

Rule 4: Got the lead? Then use it!

Let’s take a look at a particular scenario. You’ve prepared a decent popup, a customer expressed interested in it, left the lead and he didn’t get any feedback from you. If you request their contact number promising that your customers service will contact them, do not forget about it. If you obtained an e-mail address then send your customer newsletters and special promo codes. Loyalty is the keyword here.

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