Newsletter me, baby!

Why newsletters are important?

Every day we are bombarded with newsletters. Most of them can be treated as SPAM so, is it still worth using them as a successful marketing tool? The answer is YES!

Newsletters are still an effective way of promoting your business – if they are prepared correctly. Up to date research proves that checking ones e-mail is still a regular occurrence for users. People check their mailboxes even more often than they check their social channels.

We will show you some tips that are useful when creating mails.

Begin by deciding what you want to achieve by sending out newsletters. No one likes wasting their time reading something that is pointless.

Build up a relationship with your readers

Yes, relationships are not only reserved for your Facebook marital status, they also show what you can provide to your customers. They should see you as a friend not someone screaming a message into their faces!

Inform readers of both business and industry news

Are you evolving? Changing your logo or introducing a new idea? Great, why not tell others about it? However, do be careful, not every single change is of interest to the public.

Reinforce the company’s image, story and reputation

Use stories to let people know who is behind the face of your company. Introduce the real people with the real ideas, the ones who form the core of your organisation.

Increase the visibility of your company, products, and services

Are you offering a new product or service? Maybe you’re having a promotion? Now is the time to show it off but do remember that not all of your products are of interest to all customers.

Now let’s think about how we can create a mailing list (without relying on random e-mails)!

Post some information about newsletter on your webpage, but in reality, who actually signs up for these things on the webpage, where this information is mostly hidden? Don’t give up on it, however the conversion will be about… 0,01% if the topic of your site isn’t: Hot photos of Megan Fox.

Make sure to obtain customer contacts when they are purchasing or ordering a service. As existing clients, they will probably be interested in other services that you provide.

OK, but how can you create a base of future clients? We’ve got a great tool that will make this process a lot easier.

QuitSnap gives you the opportunity to gather leads without using superpowers or magic.

The ”GET LEADS” tool helps you gather data connected to people that might be interested in your company.

And now let’s take a look at QuitSnap itself. When you register, you are only a few steps away from a successful lead base.

  1. Choose a template message for visitors leaving your website, according to the data that you want to collect.
  2. Now customize your message. It should be short and also demonstrate what info your newsletters provide to your clients.  You can name changes in each part of the pop up. You can also add a checkbox with “hide” information – like we did in the following example.
  3. Take a look at the final preview.
  4. Fill in your website details – nice and simple.
  5. Implement the short code on your website and… all done!

Don’t waste website traffic, get your trial version now!